1.The height of the chimney for 500 MW unit as per the latest guidelines is
a. 220 mtr
b. 300 mtr
c. 250 mtr
d. 275 mtr

2. The efficiency of modern electrostatic Precipitators is
a. Less than 95%
b. Between 90- 95%
c. Greater than 99 %
d. Non of the above

3. Atomization of HFO in burners is carried out through
a. Steam
b. Compressed air
c.flue gas
d. Pure oxygen

4. Remnant life Assessment (RLA) of boiler is carried out as per IBR 1950 regulation
a. 380
b. 391 A
c. 320
d. Non of the above

5. Modern utility boilers are supported at the top and are hanging type. It is to

a. Keep vertical
b. Allow free expansion
c. Restricted expansion
d. None

6. The efficiency of collection in ESP will ……….. if the velocity of flue gas passing through it increase

a. Increase
b. Decrease
c. Remains the same
d. First increase and than decrease

7. The use of primary air in a boiler is for
a. Carrying pulverized coal to burners
b. Cooling the boiler wall
c. taking the ash to the ESP
d. Non of the above

8. On load cleaning of water wall tube surface is carried out by
a. Wall de-slaggers
c. Both of the above
d. Non of the above
9. Fish mouth opening is a term used to described

a. PA fan impeller crack
b. Boiler tube failure
c. Mill gear box crack
d. Non of the above

10. Hydra-step ( gauge glass ) is mounted on
a. Boiler drum
b. Economizer
c. Re- heater
d. Super heater

11. Which material is used in final leg of super heater having steam temperature of 540 degree Celsius
a. Carbon steel
b. Alloy steel
c. Stainless steel
d. Any one of the above

12. Blow down which is used for removel of ionic impurities from boiler drum is
a. Intermediate blow down ( IBD )
b. Continuous blow down ( CBD )
c. Emergency blow down ( EBD )
d. All of the above

13. Heat addition in boiler economizer is through

a. Latent heat
b. Super heat
c. Sensible heat
d. All of above

14. Thermal power plant works on
a. Carnot cycle
b. Rankine cycle
c. Modified Rankine cycle
d. Non of the above

15. Welding process used for high pressure welding joints of boiler are
a. Metal inert gas welding and arc welding
b. Arc welding and Tungsten Inert Gas Welding
c. Tungsten Inert Gas Welding and Metal inert gas welding
d. Metal Inert Gas Welding and Laser Welding

16. ESP work on the principal of
a. Corona Effect
b. Induction effect
c. Skin effect
d. Non of the above

17. The efficiency of the power plant is improve with
a. Increase quality of coal burning
b. Larger quantity of water used
c. Lower load in the plant
d. Use of high steam pressure

18. Classifier is the part of
a. Coal mill
b. Coal feeder
c. Coal bunker
d. None of the above

19. Which one is the boiler mounting
a. Economizer
b. Soot Blowers
c. Re- heater
d. Boiler drum safty valve

20. The ph value to be maintained in the feed water
a. 8.8 to 9.2
b. Less than 8.3
c. Greater than 9.3
d. None of the above

21. Rapping mechanism is a term associated with the following equipment
a. ESP
b. Mills
c.I.D fan
d. Non of the above

22. APH leakages are normally more in
a. Tubular air heaters
b. Rotary air heaters
c. Same in both
d. None of the above

23. Pilling is term associated with
a. Foundation in boiler
b. Scaffolding in boiler
c. Water chemistry in boiler
d . None of the above

24. Which of the following is used as a bed material in a FBC boiler ?
a. Limestone powder
b. River sand
c. Crushed refractory
d. All of the above

25. HP dozing in power plant is carried out in
a. Boiler drum
b. Deaerator
c. Feed water line
d. Condensate line


26. Which type of steam is used in LRSBs
a. Superheated
b. Wet steam
c. Initially wet and then superheated
d. Saturated steam

27. Super heater safety valves in a typical 500 MW unit is made of the following material

a. ASTM A 216 WCB
b. ASTM A182 Gr F22
c. SA213 TP304H
d. SA210 Gr A1

28. Fluidizing velocity in a bubbling bed combustor are in the range of
a. 1 to 3 m/s
b. 4 to 8 m/s
c. Above 8 m/s
d. Any of the above

29. What is typical ratio of bottom to fly ash in a CFBC Boiler?
a. 20:80
b. 30:70
c. 40:60
d. 50:50

30. What is the function of servomotor assy. In fans in modern boiler ?
a. To adjust the blade pitch
b. To absorbed shock loads
c. TO transmitted torque from motor to fan
d. None of the above

31. which of the following is considered as general purpose welding electrode?
a. E-6013
b. E-7018
c. E-8018 B2
d. E-9015 B9
32. The temperature at which a typical fluidized bed combustor operates is ……… than that of conventional pulverized fuel boiler
a. Less
b. More
c. Same
d. Can be anyone of the above

33.which type of mill is less susceptible to damage due to foreign material?
a. Bowl mill
b. Ball and race mill
c. Tube mill
d. All of the above

34. In a typical 200 MW boiler, Emergency blow down tapping is taken from
a. Drum
b. Down comer ring header
c. Deaerator
d. Can be anyone of the above

35. Which of the following is softer coal for grinding
a. Caol with HGI of 55
b. Caol with HGI of 45
c. Coal with HGI of 68
d. Any of the above

36. Typical combustion efficiency of a CFBC boiler is
a. 40-60%
b. 77-88%
c. 88-96%
d. 97-98%

37. Drum material in typical 200 MW boiler is
a. Alloy steel
b. Carbon steel
c. Stainless steel
d. All of the above

38. Rotor post seals are used in the following equipment

a. P.A fan
b. Air preheater
c. Scrapper conveyor
d. Main boiler

39. LRSB are used to remove ash deposit from
a. Water walls
b. Re- heater
c. Economizer hopper
d. ESP hopperw.

40. Which type of raw coal feeder gives accurate reading for mill loading in tone/hours
a. Volumetric feeder
b. Gravimetric feeder
c. Rotary feeder
d. All of the above

41. What is sorbent in FBC
a. Sand
b. Ash
c. Lime stone
d. All of the above

42. In a modern ESP , which electrode is grounded
a. Collecting electrode
b. Emitting electrode
c. Both of the above
d. None of the above

43. Secondary air in a pulverized fuel boiler is used to
a. Carry pulverized coal to the burners
b. Assist in complete combustion of fuel
c. Clean the boiler wall
d. Carry mill reject to reject coal bunkers

44. in a FBC boiler, combustion temp is controlled at approximately
a. 1550- 1600 F
b. 2500- 3000 F
c. 1000 – 1100F
d. None of the above

45. Which of the following safety valve in power plant uses superior metallurgy.
a. Drum safety valve
b. Cold reheat safety valve
c. Main steam safety valve
d. Deaerator safety valve

46. Which one of the following liquid fuels has more viscosity
a. Naphtha
b. Light Diesel oil
c. Hight speed Diesel
d. Heavy fuel oil

47. Excess penetration is a term used to described
a. Destructive testing of weld
b. Defect in weld joints
c. Holes in aeration pads in ESP
d. All of the above

48.which gas is used for shielding of weld area in pressure parts during welding
a. Argon
b. Helium
c. Nitrogen
d. Hydrogen

49. The efficiency of collection in ESP will ………, if the volume of the flue gas passing through it is increased.
a. Increase
b. Remain the same
c. Decrease
d. First decrease and then increase

50. Flam intensity in a boiler is sensed by
a. Ignitors
b. Scanner
c. Cameras
d. None of the above


51. Balanced draft boilers have
a. Only F.D fans
b. Only I.D fans
c. Both I.D and F.D fans
d. None of the above

52. In a pulverized fuel boiler, the ash collection
a. In bottom ash hopper is more than ESP
b. In ESP is more than bottom ash hopper
c. In ESP is same as that in bottom ash hopper
d. None of the above

53. Fluidizing velocities in a CFBC boiler are in the rang of
a. 13- 22 ft/s
b. 3-10 ft/s
c. 40-80 ft/s
d. Above 100 ft/s

54. The tube ball mill is classified as
a. Medium speed mill
b. Low speed mill
c. High speed mill
d. Can be any of the above

55. For regulating the flow in power plat, which one the following valves would one use ?
a. Globe valves
b. Gate valves
c. Check valves
d. Any of the above

56. In water wall of modern utility boiler, water flows from
a. Top to bottom
b. Bottom to top
c. Horizontally
d. Can be any one of the above

57. Dissolved oxygen from feed water is removed in
a. Drum
b. LP heaters
c. HP heaters
d. Deaerator

58. Which equipment of power plant uses sector plates
a. P.A fan
b. Air preheater
c. Scrapper conveyor
d. Main turbine

59. Which of the following is not a high pressure boiler
a. Loeffler
b. Lancashire
c. Velox
d. Lamount

60. Which of the following is not a fire tube boiler
a . Cochran
b . Lancashire
c . Locomotive
d . Babcock and Wilcox


61. Co2 of 8% in flue gas of a gas fired boiler indicate high combustion efficiency. [F]
62. Gross calorific value of fuel is more than net calorific value . [T]
63. Latent heat of steam increase as the pressure increase. [F]
64. Temperature of standard steam is less than boiling point of water at the same pressure. [F]
65. Explosion door in a boiler protects explosion of steam drum. [F]
66. As per IBR, absolute water level gauge is not must for a high capacity boiler having steam drum located above 30 feet height from operating floor level. [F]
67. Deaerator removes mainly co2 from feed water. [F]
68. A balance draft boiler firing can be continued in operation if induced draft fan trips.[F]
69. Flame scanner is used to monitor Flam in spreader Stoker boilers. [T]
70. A steam pipe line of 150 mm inside dia carrying steam at 1.5 kg/cm2g is excluded from IBR. [T]
71. The feed water pipe between feed pump and boiler is the highest pressure component in a boiler house. [T]
72. Volumetric capacity of ID fan will be same as that of FD fan of the same boiler. [F]
73. More sulphur content in a fuel means more height of chimney is required. [T]
74. Pour point of LSHS is lower than that of furnace oil. [T]
75. Flue gas temperature should be maintained above condensing temperature of acidic fumes contain in flue gas.[T]
76. While cooling down a boiler, the vent valve on steam drum should not be opened till the drum pressure reaches (zero) kg/sq cm.[F]
77. A boiler is excluded from IBR if its total water content is less than 22.5 liters.[T]
78. Multistage boiler feed pump is essentially used for delivering high volume of feed water. [F]
79. Expansion loop is provide on steam piping to reduced condensing of steam. [F]
80. Continuous blow down valve is used to control ph of boiler water. [F]


81 Size of boiler tubes is specified by
a. Mean diameter and thickness
b. Inside diameter and thickness
c. Outside diameter and thickness
d. Outside diameter alone

82. The fusible plug in small boilers is located
a. In the drum
b. In the fire tubes
c. above steam drum
d. Over the combustion chamber

83. Caustic gouging destroy protective film by
a. Dissolving carbonates scale
b. Dissolving iron and magnetite to form sodium ferrates
c. Dissolving silicate scale
d. Deposits metal hydroxides
84.carry over from drum is dangerous for
a. Boiler
b. Turbine
d. Steam line

85. Deaerators are provided in boiler
a. To remove hardness from feed water
b. To remove dissolved oxygen from feed water
c. To increase feed water temperature
d. To increase ph of feed water

86. In boiler quality steel% of carbon steel is
a. 0.30%
c. 0.35%
d. 0.20%

87. The major axis of elliptical manhole on the shell should be provided
a. longitudinally
b. circumferentially
c. axially
d. None of the above

88. Stainless steel is an alloy of
a. Copper , zinc and iron
b. Aluminum, zinc, and iron
c. Chromium, nickel and iron
d. None of the above

89. In a superheater
a. Pressure raises, temperature drops
b. Pressure rises, temperature remains constant
c. Pressure remains constant and temperature rises
d. Both pressure and temperature remains constant

90. Minimum diameter of boiler safety valve as per IBR is
a. 15.0 mm
b. 19.0 mm
c. 32.5 mm
d. 50.0 mm

91. Burning of low grade fuel can be improved by
a. Blending of better quality
b. Oil assisted ignition
c. Pulverized
d. Any of the above

92 . Which variety of Coal has lowest calorific value
a. Steam coal
b. Bituminous coal
c. Lignite coal
d. Anthracite coal

93. The maximum percentage allowed for accumulation of pressure in steam test at site is
a. 5%
b. 10%
c. 7.5%
d. 15%

94. The range of graduation on pressure for working pressure up to and including 35 kg/cm2 shell be
a. Zero to 1.25 time of working pressure
b. Zero to 1.50 times the working pressure
c. Zero to 2.0 times of the working pressure
d. Zero to 1.0 times of working pressure

95. As compared to steam at entry to the turbine, which of the following will be larger at exit?
a. Pressure
b. Flow rate
c. Specific volume
d. Specific enthalpy

96. An increase in the conductivity of the water inside the boiler indicates a rise in
a. Purity
b. Temperature
c. Contamination
d. None of the above

97. The efficiency of a typical FBC boiler is of the order of
a. 30%
b. 80%
c. 70%
d. 60%

98. Which is the common coal firing system used in India thermal power plant
a. Stoker firing
b. Pulverized coal firing
c. Pressurized bed
d. Fluidized bed

99. Proper sizing of steam pipeline helping in minimizing
a. Steam requirement
b. Pressure drop
c. Temperature drop
d. Boiler efficiency

100. Which fuel requires the lowest amount of excess air for combustion
a. Natural gas
b. Furnace oil
C. Baggasse
d. Pulverized coal

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Dear please check the question no. 14 and 43 .
May be….
14 – C (Modified Rankin cycle)
43 – B ( For combustion)


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