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Ball valve for power plant industries


Ball valve for power plant industries:-

In this article we discuss about the ball valve operation, features and industrial application.Ball valve consist a ball with a hole through one diameter that can be rotated to align with the flow or block it .They provide quick, tight shutoff, high capacity, and require only a ¼ turn to operate Can be actuated with pneumatic and electric actuators. When you rotate the handle, it makes the ball move through ninety degrees, allowing the fluid to flow through the middle of it. Ball valves feature spherical discs that control fluids through application pipes.


  • Zero Leakage
  • Ball valve has Zero Leakage.
  • Protection Device on the Stem

The protection device on the stem will prevent stem moving downward when subjected to abnormal external force. Ball valve consists of a protection sleeve and screwed nuts, the protection device can adjust position through screw thread on the stem during installation, preventing the downward movement of the stem, which ensures seal.

Stem Blow out Protection

The cutting sleeve on the stem has diameter larger than the stem shoulder, which can prevent the blow out of the stem.

In the ball valve reliable packing gland design and the use of Belleville springs provide long Lasting, maintenance free, stem packing seal and tightness.

Isolated Body Cavity

The ball and seat are in full constant contact, isolating the body cavity from flow to prevent build-up of solids

Quarter Turn Valve

When we rotate the hendal of the ball valve quick 90 degree rotation of the stem of the quarter turn valve reduces the Wear of the stem and the packing and prolongs the service life of the packing. Its quarter turn operation and zero leakage make this valve ideal for Emergency Shut Down applications.

Application of HVOF Coatings

The ball and it’s seat are made of chromium or tungsten carbide impregnated by HVOF coat-ing techniques with surface hardness of Rc 68-72 and are mate-lapped to a very High RMS finish (5 micro inches RMS), providing Zero Leakage, and long, maintenance free service life.

Inconel Belleville Spring

The ball valves consists belleville Spring which maintains tight constant contact between seats and ball, Therefore protecting seats in an open and closed position and allowing valve to seal bubble tight under both high and low pressure operations.

Belleville Spring Guide Sleeve

In case of incorrect installation or reverse flow pressure, the design prevents the ball and the upstream seat from blowing out.

Application of ball valve:-

  • Main feed water pipeline drain
  • Main steam pipeline drain
  • Inner Cylinder drain
  • Outer Cylinder drain
  • Reheat Connecting pipe drain
  • Reheater inlet drain
  • Reheater desalt drain

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