In this article we discussed about the best 60 power plant information booster points .these points is very helpful for those who prepared for the power plant job interview and also who prepared for the viva examination for boiler first class examination and boiler second class viva examination. these are the question which is generally asking by the interviewer many time during the viva examination . so these points are very important for who worked in power plant sector and boost up their mind quick before attending the viva examination . so let us discussed best 60 power plant information booster points.

1. The latent heat of the steam at atmospheric pressure is 2257 kj/kg. At the critical point     the water and steam density becomes equal.The latent heat of vaporization at critical         point is equal to zero.

2. The density of saturated water at 100 deg.C is 958 kg/m3.

3. At the critical point specific volume of water is equal to 0.00317 kg/m3.

4. Low carbon steel contains 0.1% to 0.27% carbon.

5. 15 deg.C = 59 deg.F

6. 1 Kcal = 4.187 kj = 3.96 BTU

7. In power unit, 1 metric H.P = 746.01watt.

8. At 4 Kg/cm2 pressure the enthalpy of evaporation of steam will be highest.

9. Specific heat of air at constant pressure is equal to 0.24

10. For a thin pressure vessel the ratio of the wall thickness “t” mm is taken as 6.05√t .

11. The perpendicular distance between rows of rivets in chain riveting is 1.5 d.

12. Chromatographic analyzer is used to measure the sulphur dioxide in flue gas.

13. 10 M of water column is equal to 10 KN/sqm.

14. The entropy of water at 0 deg.C is zero.

15. One kilowatt hour energy is equivalent to 3600 kj.

16. 456 kcal is equal to 1908 kj

17. The material is generally used in water wall is SA210 grade C (carbon steel)

18. The material is used in cold end heating elements of rotary air preheater is carbon                steel.

19. Stack height is more than 200 MW but less than 500 MW is 275 meter.

20. The material is commonly used in steam drum is SA213T11

22. For every 38 deg.C of super-heat above saturation temperature the heat gain in                    station heat rate is approximately 5 % .

23. Overall efficiency of supercritical boiler is 42 %

24. Maganes in steel increased its ductility.

25. Corrosion resistance of steel is increased by the addition of chromium.

26. Super heater safety valve in a typical 500 MW unit is made of the SA213 TP 304H

27. Fluidizing velocities in a bubbling bed combustor are in the range of 4 to 8 m/s.

28. Ratio of bottom to fly ash in a CFBC boiler is 20:80 .

29. Combustion efficiency of a CFBC boiler is 88- 96 %

30. Drum material in typical 200 MW boilers is alloy steel.

31. In CFBC boiler, combustion temperature is controlled at approximately 1550 – 1600 deg.F.

32. Fluidizing velocities in a CFBC boiler are in the range of 40 -80 feet/sec.

33. Remnant life assessment (RLA) of boiler is carried out as per IBR 1950 regulation 391A.

34. IBR rule 391A talks about ageing of boilers

35. Iridium – 192 (ir-92) and Cobalt -60 (CO-60) are used gamma radiation source for               radioactive testing.

36. Material for 100 TPH and 55 kg/cm2 pressure boiler

37. Water wall – carbon steel SA210 Gr.A1
       Steam Drum – SA213P11
       Final Super heater tube – SA213TP304H
       Main Steam Line – SA213TP347H

38. RLA (Residual life assessment) followed by non destructive test

39. At critical pressure 221 bar and corresponding saturation temperature 374 deg.C no natural circulation carried out because of density difference is zero.

40. FSSS – Furnace Supervisory Safeguard System

41. Density of mercury is 13.6 cm.

42. ECR is the Economical continuous rating of any boiler which is mostly about 65 to 85% of boiler rated capacity.

43. MCR is the maximum continuous rating of any boiler which is mostly about 110 % of boiler rated capacity.

44.    IBR 1923 : Indian Boiler Act 1923
         GBR 1966 : Gujarat Boiler Rules 1966
        TEMA : Tubular Exchanger Manufacturer Association
        ASME : American Society of Mechanical Engineers
        ANSI : American National Standard Institute.

45. PSF (pressure sand filter) :- Removal of sediments and algae from water.

46. ACF (Activated carbon filter) :- Removal of oil and greases from raw water.

47. SAC (strong acid action) :- Removal of +ve charged ions.

48. SBA (strong bas anion) :- Removal of -ve strong ions.

49. WBA (weak base anion) :- Removal of -ve weak ions.

50. Degasser unit: – Removal of dissolved gasses like co2.

51. MB (mixed bed) unit: – Removal of residual +ve and -ve ions.

52 .DM water storage tank: – Reservoir of DM water for power plant makes up use.

53. Sensible Heat: – it is the amount of heat absorbed by 1 kg of water, when heated at a constant pressure, from the freezing point to the temperature. Of formation of steam i.e saturation temperature. The sensible heat is also known as liquid heat. It is denoted by HF

54. Latent heat: – The heat which is utilizing the phase transformation of any fluid from liquid to gaseous is known as latent heat. 540 kcals required to convert 1 kg of water into steam.

55. Critical pressure: – the critical pressure at which density of water and steam becomes equal at saturation temperature. This is about 225kg/cm2 at temperature 374 deg.C

56. Buck stay: – Buck stay is a product used to avoid bucking of the slim water walls and steam cooled walls. A structural member placed against a furnace or boiler wall to limit the motion of the wall against furnace pressure. Buck stay channel is used to support the furnace walls and helps in transfer of loads.




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