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Best Tips for Energy efficiency in thermal power plant

Energy efficiency in thermal power plant

Best Tips for Energy efficiency in thermal power plant

in this article we discussed  about the Energy efficiency in thermal power plant , how to get energy efficiency from the steam system ?, and how to get energy efficiency through insulation , furnace & from waste heat recovery.

Energy efficiency through Furnaces

*Improve all the operation equipment like burner design, combustion control and instrumentation.
*During operation ensure that the furnace combustion chamber is under slight positive pressure
*Ceramic fibres must be used in the case of batch operations
*Use doors or air curtains against infiltration of air
*During the boiler operation Monitor O2 /CO2/CO and control excess air to the optimum level for better energy efficiency
*Retrofit with heat recovery device
*Investigate cycle times and reduce
*Provide temperature controllers like desuperheater
*Ensure that flame does not touch the stock during the operation

Energy efficiency through Steam System

-Preheat of boiler feed-water.
-Recover boiler blow down.
-Check operation of steam traps.
-Remove air from indirect steam using equipment
(0.25 mm thick air film offers the same resistance to heat transfer as a 330 mm thick copper wall)
-Inspect steam traps regularly and repair malfunctioning traps promptly.
-Consider recovery of vent steam (e.g. – on large flash tanks).
-Use waste steam for water heating.
-Use an absorption chiller to condense exhaust steam before returning the condensate to the boiler.
-Fix steam leaks and condensate leaks in pipelines from boiler and turbine side if any .
(it is considered that if a 3 mm diameter hole on a pipe line carrying 7 Kg/cm2 steam would waste 33 Kilo liters of fuel oil per year)
-if any work orders for repair of steam leaks that can’t be fixed during the heating season due to system shutdown requirements. Tag such type of leakage with a durable tag with a good description.
-Use back pressure steam turbines to produce lower steam pressures.
-Use more-efficient steam desuperheating methods during operation .
-Ensure process temperatures are correctly controlled by the operator .
-Maintain lowest acceptable process steam pressures.
-Reduce hot water wastage to drain.
-Remove or blank off all unused steam piping.
-Ensure condensate is returned or re-used in the process for better thermal efficiency .

(it is considered that if 6 degree Celsius  raise in feed water temperature by economizer/condensate recovery corresponds to a 1% saving in fuel consumption, in boiler)
-Use electric pumps instead of steam ejectors when cost benefits permit
-Establish a steam efficiency-maintenance program.
-For getting the energy efficiency Start energy audit and follow-up, then make a steam efficiency-maintenance program a part of your continuous energy management program.

Energy efficiency through Insulation

*Repair damaged insulation.

(it is estimated that if a bare steam pipe of 150 mm diameter and 100 m length, carrying saturated steam at 8 kg/cm2 would waste 25’000 litres furnace oil in a year)
*any hot or cold metal or insulation.
*for getting the energy efficiency replace wet insulation if any found

*Use an infrared gun to check for cold wall areas temperature during cold weather or hot wall areas during hot weather.
*Ensure that all insulated surfaces are cladded with aluminum
*Insulate all flanges, valves and couplings
*Insulate open tanks like blow down trench, boiler steam drum , Deaerators tank etc.
(it is assumed that if 70% heat losses can be reduced by floating a layer of 45 mm diameter polypropylene (plastic) balls on the surface of 900C hot liquid/condensate)

Energy efficiency through Waste heat recovery

-Use chiller waste heat to preheat hot water.
-Use heat pumps for getting the better energy efficiency
-Use absorption refrigeration.
-Thermal wheels, run-around systems, heat pipe systems, and air-to-air exchangers is used in the waste heat recovery for getting the better energy efficiency
-for getting the energy efficiency recover heat from flue gas, engine cooling water, engine exhaust, low pressure waste steam, drying oven exhaust, boiler blow down, etc.
-Recover heat from incinerator off-gas.
-Use waste heat for fuel oil heating, boiler feedwater heating, outside air heating, etc.

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