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BOE (Boiler Operation Engineer) SYLLABUS  2017

BOE (Boiler Operation Engineer) is the most important examination now these days who worked in the power industry or other types of process industry. A  candidate in order to be qualified for BOE (Boiler Operation Engineer) certificate of proficiency under these rules.  Those candidates who find eligible in both Qualification as well as experience they are goes for further process for examination. BOE (Boiler Operation Engineer) examination dividend into three parts i.e theoretical examination 1,2  and 3rd  one is engineering  drawing .

Eligibility Criterion

For BOE Candidates (Age not less than 23 years)


Degree or Diploma from a recognized Institution in:
i. Mechanical Engineering,
ii. Electrical Engineering, 
iii. Chemical Engineering, 
iv. Instrumentation Engineering,
v. Power Plant Engineering or 
vi. Production Engineering 


Candidates should have experience in Operation and/ or Maintenance of Boiler for
i. Not less than two years in case of Degree holders
ii. Not less than Five years in case of Diploma holders 
iii. Not less than one year in case of Degree holders of PG Diploma from NPTI .

BOE (Boiler Operation Engineer) SYLLABUS  2017 GIVEN BELOW IN DETAILS :-

[As mentioned in the Notification by Government of India; Ministry of Commerce and Industry under “The Boiler Operation Engineer’s Rules, 2011”] 

A candidate in order to be qualified for a certificate of proficiency under these rules; shall, inter alia, satisfy the examiner that he— 

  1. can calculate loads, areas, volumes, quantities and weights;
  2. can give description of the principal types of steam boilers used on land and to state the purposes and reasons for which different types of boilers are employed; and from the data and formulae supplied, calculate the safe working pressure for any part of a boiler in accordance with the Indian Boiler Regulations;
  3. can calculate the direct stress, the torsional stress and the bending stress in round bars and shafts and the bending stress in rectangular bars and levers with given load;
  4. understands the working and management of steam boilers, super heaters and economizers;
  5. understands the use and purpose of various valves, cocks, mountings, fitting and other safety devices.
  6. can give a description of and explain the functions of feed pumps, feed injectors, feed regulators, feed water filters and softeners, feed heaters, air heaters, calorifiers, steam accumulators, forced draught, induced draught and automatic draught control devices;
  7. can answer questions on fact relating to combustion, heat and steam and calculate consumption of coal and water and quantity of steam that may be generated from a given heating surface under the various systems of draught, in any land boiler and also calculate the overall efficiency of boiler plant;
  8. can explain jet and surface condensation, reheating and the working of steam expansion;
  9. can explain the general methods employed in laying foundation for boilers and chimneys and the suitable area and height of chimneys promote efficient combustion;
  10. can explain the significance of principal appliances in use for the prevention of smoke and the principle on which they work and given description of the principal mechanical stokers, pulverizes, gas, oil and pulverized fuel systems in use;
  11. understands the need for periodical cleaning, the methods used for prevention of scale or other deposits on heating surfaces and the necessity for maintaining a certain PH value in feed water;
  12. can detect defects in boilers and state the means and methods of rectifying them.
  13. understands the precautions to be taken for starting a boiler and economizer from cold or from banked fire condition;
  14. understands the procedure to be adopted in putting an economizer out of commission while the boiler is on steam;
  15. can explain the methods adopted for the achievement of fuel economy and the use of various instruments used in a Boiler House;
  16. materials used in Boiler components and piping; and
  17. can read and prepare a working sketch and drawing of boilers and boiler mounting or parts thereof.

DOWNLOAD BOE (Boiler Operation Engineer) SYLLABUS  2017 in pdf formate link given below

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I have 2 years experience of fabricaion & Erection work in construction line (HRSG) , AM i applicable for BOE exam , how can i apply for exam .i’m from Guna M.P.
Kindly give best opinion.

मुझे .BOE का एग्जाम देना है,
मेने डिप्लोमा किया है electrical से,
में 6 साल से 40 ton/hr बॉयलर पर कार्य कर रहा हूँ,,
मुझे नोट्स चाहिए,,जोभी आपका चार्ज हो में पे कर दूंगा,,
श्रीमान जी मुझे आपसे कुछ बात करनी है,
अतः मुझे अपना कॉन्टैक्ट no. प्रदान करें,,




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