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Emergency shutdown of waste heat boiler

Emergency shutdown of waste heat boiler

Emergency shutdown of waste heat boiler

Today i talk about the emergency shutdown of waste heat boiler . at what conditions we take the unit shout down immediately. after lot of discussion and reading I decided to share with my users about these emergency let’s go discussed about the the WHRS boiler emergency shout down

Upon the following occasions, emergency shut down is required:

(1) The boiler hydro-static level decreased to the minimum rated tolerance data.

(2) The hydro-static level keeps decreasing even though continuously feeding water into the boiler or other relative measures.

(3) The hydro-static level rising up to the maximum tolerance data.

(4) The feed water devices failed completely.

(5) Water level meter, pressure meter or safety damper failed completely.

(6) Boiler wall severe damaged, steel structure fire red, etc, or severe threatened the boiler performance.

(7) Flue explosion or second firing, severe threatened the boiler and operator’s safety.

(8) Kiln that requires boiler emergency shut down.

(9) Other irregular performance which exceed the tolerant safety range.

Low water and high water abnormality :-

A very important rule in the safe operation of boilers is to keep water in the boiler at the proper level an as steady as the circumstance permit . never keep you full upon automatic alarms or feed water regulator. at frequent intervals compare the reading of the several methods of determining water level the water level. The water gauge Cocks must be kept in the good working condition without leakage and and this will be kept in good order why frequently blowing through. blow through the drain cock at the bottom of the guge and shut and open the steam and water cocks every few hours .these Cocks must be below throw more frequently when the water is dirty and forming priming or other feed water trouble occur. should either of the passive become chocked or whenever the water in the gauge glass move slowly the passage must be cleaned always test the glass water gauge thoroughly when charge of the boiler is taken. This should be done by first opening the drain cock and then shutting the upper cock , which should give water the upper cock should than be opened and the bottom closed which should give steam. If water and steam do not appear in proper order the chocked cocks and the passage water cock should be reopened after the steam cock. Have the water column will illuminated and keep the glass clear.

In the case of high water in a boiler ,reduce the feed water flow slightly below the steam rate and blow down to lower the water to a safe operating level.

If the super heater temperature shows a sudden drop , it indicates that water is carried over into the super heater ,and in this case the fuel must be shut off , blow down water to lower level , feed the boiler with fresh water , blow down again if required and then put the boiler back in service.

Unusual fluctuations in the water level must be checked and the cause determined . If any unusual or serious foaming occurs as indicated by a fluctuating of water level or sudden drop in super heater temperature , reduced steaming rates until the water level in the gage glass stabilizes adequately , so that the true level of water can be ascertained. If the level of the water is sufficiently high, blow down some water and feed fresh water in the boiler. Resort to alternate blowing down and feeding several times and if the foaming does not stopped bank it fire and continue blowing down and feeding. After correcting the water condition test safety valves and the connections to pressure gauge and the water column for any sticking or chocking . Blow out pressure gauge and water column gage glass drain.

Look for any signs of oil in water glasses, surface blow down and feed water heaters . If oil is found shut down the boiler as soon as possible and clean the boiler throughout.

If the amount of oil or grease is large boil out the boiler . Find out the source of oil pollution and set it right before putting the boiler into service . Oil or grease prevent free transmission of heat and leads to overheating with consequently bulging , distortion , rupturing etc.

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