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Latest Turbine Question and Answers 2018

Latest Turbine Question and Answers 2018

In this post you we discussed  about the Latest Turbine Question and Answers 2018 .these question selected by the experienced BOE (BOILER OPERATION ENGINEERING )  which worked in different stats of India and also outside of the country . in these question most of the questions are asking by the different states of the india like ,  andhra pardesh BOE , GUJRAT BOE ,CHHATTISHGARH BOE , KERALA BOE , UTTER PRADESH BOE ,JHARKHAND BOE , TAMIL BOE , MAHARASHTRA BOE , HARYANA  BOE  . these  question answers are helpful for those who  preparing the boe examination for different stats . after preparing these boe question answers you find most of the question answers are asking by the examiner which are given below


Q. What purpose do Marine bypass valve serve?

A. They allow the LP turbine to be operated while the HP turbine shut down.
B. They reduced throttling loss of the nozzle control valve.

C. They extract excess Steam from the nozzle

D. they admit the steam directly to the second , or later stages 

Q. One of the main advantages of bleed steam for feed heating is that

A. erosion of the low pressure turbine balding is reduced.
B. There is a reduction in the steam loading in the crossover pipe between high and low pressure turbines.
C. The feed temperature can be more economically raised to boiler saturation temperature, reducing the thermal stress in the boiler.
D. Higher boiler feed temperature are available than with live Steam heating.

Q. How is the expansion for a turbine casing allowed for?

A. By flexible shaft couplings.
B. By fitted bolts in the foundations.
C. By casing expansion joints.
D. By sliding feet in the foundations.

Q. Where does lubricating oil enter a turbine bearing?
A. At the horizontal center line.
B. At the forward end of the journal.
C. At after end of the journal.
D. Through the top cover.

Q. Feed heaters are said to be operating in “cascade” when
A. The feed passes in series from low pressure to high pressure heater.
B. The exhaust from a high pressure heater forms the heating Steam to a low pressure heater.
C. The exhaust from the high pressure heating system mixes with the low pressure heating system exhaust before passing to the drain cooler.
D. The exhaust from a low pressure heater forms the heating Steam to a high pressure heater.

Q. The reason for placing a pressurized deaerator high above the feed pump is to prevent pump cavitations due to
A. The high temperature of the feed water.
B. Recirculation at low loads.
C. Surging of the feed pump during load vibrations.
D. Fluctuations in deaerator pressure during load vibrations.

Latest Turbine Question and Answers 2018

Q. An advantage of water walls in a boiler furnace is the

A. Increased furnace size.
B. Reduced furnace temperature
C. Decrease refractory maintenance
D. Reduced Combustion rate.

Q. Kingsbury thrust bearings installed in main turbines are lubricated by

A. Flooding the assembly with oil
B. Oil rings submerged in an oil bath
C. Pressure lubrication through Internal passage
D. Splash lubrication from oil pressure jets inside the casing

Turbine Rotor critical rotation speed

Q. When warming through a turbine great care must be taken blade damage may be caused upon start up due to

A. The rotor and the casing sagging as a result of thermal gradients.
B. The rotor and the casing hogging as a result of thermal gradients
C. The rotor hogging and the casing sagging as a result of thermal gradients
D. The rotor is sagging and the casing hogging as a result of thermal gradients.

Q. Why are most impulse turbine rotors designed with the smallest possible shaft diameter between each blade wheel?

A. To allow the diaphragm to be fitted with nozzle vanes round the complete 360 degree circumference.
B. To allow the use of dynamically rigid rotors with a first critical speed well above the normal running speed.
C. To minimize the area of Steam leakage past each interstage diaphragm.
D. To increase the thermal stability of the rotor and reduced risk of blade rubbing.

Q. In some turbine units the overspeed trip consists of an electrical impulse inductive sensing head operating a trip valve through an amplifier. At what speed should the turbine be run in order to test such a device?

A. At normal speed
B. At 5 % over speed
C. At 10% over speed
D. At 15 % over speed

Q. What is the relative motion between star gears and the annuls in a encyclical gear box ?
A. The annulus is fixed and the star wheels rotate both about the sun wheel and about their own axis.
B. The sun wheel is fixed and the star wheels and the annulus rotate about the sun wheel in opposite direction.
C. The star wheel carrier is fixed to the gear box casing and the annulus rotates in the opposite direction to the sun wheel.
D. The star wheel carrier is fixed to the annuls which rotates and the star gears rotate in the opposite direction.

17 Q. If turbine oil has no oxidation inhibitors then under normal operating conditions the total acid number will
A. Remain the same
B. Gradually increase
C. Gradually decrease
D. be zero

Q. Under slow steaming condition the efficiency of oxygen removal in the deaerator is
A. Increased
B. Considerably increased
C. The same as for full power steaming
D. Only slightly decrease

Q. An ion and exchange unit fitted in the make up of a steam plant is designed primarily to absorbed
A. Dissolved solids
B. Suspend solids
C. Dissolved gases
D. Gases in suspension


Q. How is the total load shared when a single cylinder turbine operates at half power , and what is the effect on efficiency ?

A. Work is shared equally between all HP and LP stages, with no reduction in efficiency.
B. The first and following few HP stages do less work, while the LP stages downstream do a greater share of work less efficiently.
C. The HP stages do less work, at higher efficiency while the LP stages do more at lower efficiency. Overall efficiency is unimpaired.
D. the LP stages do less work while the first and following few HP stages do a greater share of the work less efficiently.

Q. If automatic warming through system fails and manual Operation is necessary how you should continue after the initial warming has been completed and the turning gear removed.
A. Raise vacuum to 250 mmHg spin ahead rotor briefly every 3 minutes for 15 minutes. Ensure fully vacuum is available then reduced to 500mmHg
B. Raise vacuum to 250 mmHg spin rotors alternately ahead and astern every 3 minutes for at least 15 minutes. Raise and maintain full vacuum.
C. Raise full vacuum spin ahead rotor briefly every 3 minutes for 15 minutes using astern steam to break the ahead movement. Remain in this state.
D. Raise full vacuum gradually over 30 minutes while spinning ahead and astern rotors every 3 minutes. At standby drop vacuum to 500mmHg.

Q. If a turbo feed pump steam consumption and rpm increase while output remains constant this could indicate
A. erosion of the turbine nozzles and blading
B. Leakage within the pump casing
C. reduced superheat in the steam supply to turbine
D. A loss of pump suction

Q. Dissolved oxygen in the condensate is usually the result of
A. Steam leaks into the gland leak off system
B. Air leaks through the turbine glands.
C. improper Operation of the gland exhauster
D. A vapor lock in the condensate pump.

Q. What are the primary reasons for admitting make up feed to the Atmospheric drain tank instead of directly to the main condenser?
A. To prevent heat in the makeup feed being lost to the condenser
B. To prevent under cooling of the condensate in the condenser
C. Earlier detection of any contaminated make up feed is established
D. To minimize the size of the condenser extraction pump.

Q. Turbine vibration monitoring pick ups are most effective when fitted to
A. The turbine blade discs
B. The main turbine casing
C. The bearing housing
D. The rotor end.

Q. When maneuvering a turbine from stop to full astern how the pressure before the nozzles of should the astern turbine be regulated?
A. It need not be limited in any way.
B. It should be increased slowly until about 75% of full pressure is reached then the pressure may be increased rapidly to it’s maximum value.
C. It may be increased quickly until about 75% of full pressure is reached then the pressure should be increased slowly to maximum.
D. Pressure must be limited to 25 % of full pressure before the turbine starts to move . Thereafter it may be increased as fast as required.

Q. The deaerating efficiency of a deaerator increase as the
A. Feed pump discharge pressure increase
B. Flow of feed increase
C. Temperature of feed entering the deaerator decrease
D. Pressure in the deaerator increase

Q. The flow of air through the vent of an air ejector operating normally during steady steaming conditions will be
A. Continuous into the atmosphere
B. Intermittent into the atmosphere
C. Continuous into the atmosphere but with occasionally short reversals
D. Completely dependent on the condenser vacuum


Q. Thermal cracking occurring on the external surfaces of drums and headers may be caused by
A. Fluctuations in boiler pressure
B. Flame impingement
C. Lack of insulation
D. Firing the boiler excessively

Q. An increase of 10 degree Celsius in the temperature of the condensate flowing through the cell of salinity
A. A higher salinity reading
B. A lower salinity reading
C. No change in the salinity reading
D. The indicator alarming

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