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Operation checks of RSB (Rotary Soot Blower) in Power plant


Operation checks of RSB (Rotary Soot Blower)

Today we discussed a very important topic [ Operation checks of RSB (Rotary Soot Blower) in Power plant]  related to power plant boiler which is soot blower , soot blower play a very important part in smooth operation of boiler as well as maximize the efficiency  of boiler  reducing the fuel consumption . when we operate soot blower  in specific time interval . so during the operation of soot blower we should inspect the soot blower  operating condition on the basis of weekly , monthly or yearly  on maintenance based . lets discussed the operation checks of  rotary soot blower.

Operation checks of RSB (Rotary Soot Blower)

while doing a routine inspection of the boiler inspect for steam Traps and condensate, steam or oil leaks from the soot blowers.

Weekly Operation checks of RSB (Rotary Soot Blower)

During routine soot blowing check and verify blowing pressure at the header as well as critical location such as boiler bank and economizer.

Monthly Operation checks of  RSB ( Rotary Soot Blower )

1. Perform a visual inspection of blowers at rest and during normal operation to ensure proper rotation and reset.

2. Check for proper direction of rotation

3. Check the extended or blowing position of the nozzle or element to ensure that it will good cleaning results without damaging the walls chaity or lances which it is designed to clean.

4. Check the start and finish blowing arcs of blowers to ensure that blowing medium is being directed in the proper area for best cleaning results and avoid damaging tubes.

5. Check the wall box sleeve alignment to boiler wall to ensure it is perpendicular with the vertical plane of the wall in all direction. Ensure that the wall box seal plates are free to float.

6. Check for condensate or slag in wall box se. Condensate in a wall box can indicate a leaky poppet , valve while slag can deval the need for seal air.

7. Inspect wall box and sleeve for damage wall box sleeve can result in deteriorated wall boxes and damaged boiler wall refractory or insulation. This in turn can result in support problems and casing leaks.

8. Ensure the proper operation of all moving and mechanical parts . Inspect for main bearing condition and drive pins if worn out replaced the same.

9. Inspect tubes in the vicinity of soot blower paths for possible metal loss due to fly ash erosion, steam cutting rubbing or soot blowers of corrosion.

10. Check puppet valves conditions. If the valve shows signs of leakage re- lap it and inspect Internal for corrosion or damage.

11. Ensure the valve springs, spring retainer, yoke and trigger are intact and that the portion or the trigger the make contact with the valve steam does not show excessive wear.

12. Check for lubrication of steam turn on cam and linkage, rollers and chain link, trip linkage, worm gear housing and bearing etc. Through fittings provided.

Check for the following on the cam and trigger for RSB (Rotary Soot Blower)

1. Excessive wear

2. Distorted valve trigger, restricting opening of the valve.

3. Proper engagement and depression of the valve lift pin (located on the large gear wheel) is intact and making contact with ear on the valve trigger when the trigger rides off the cam.


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