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Procedure for starting extraction steam through Woodward 505E Governor

Procedure for starting extraction steam through Woodward 505E Governor

Heii power plant engineer how are you? I hope you are good as usual today I am discussed a very important topic related to turbine operation which is Procedure for starting extraction steam through Woodward 505E Governor. before starting the topic we understand about what is extraction? and why we used extraction steam in the process? these questions are very important when we talk about the extraction steam of turbine when all parameters of the steam turbine like vacuum, pressure & temperature of turbine inlet steam, control oil pressure, lube oil pressure, etc. are within limits which give the permissive to the governor for reset.

After reset the governor turbine is ready for rolling process after that we give the run command to turbine governor then turbine comes into the rolling mode after reaching the rated speed of turbine then we sync turbine generator to a grid to supply the power to grid. After that, we put a load on the turbine generator with respect to raising the inlet steam pressure and flow. when we put 70-80% load on the generator in that condition we give the permissive to woodward 505E governor for starting extraction steam for the process.

Why we used turbine extraction steam for the process?

This question is very important for the interview point of view many time interviewers asking about it. According to me when steam kinetic energy converted into mechanical energy due to this effect work done on steam turbine rotor after that the steam pressure reduced when it comes into the last stage after that we cooled down into the condenser where maximum heat loss takes place. so due to reduced heat loss from the inlet steam so that for economically we used steam for the process used. and also when we extract steam from the steam turbine after 6-7 stages and it also depends on according to design which customer demands according to his setup process.


In the 6-7th stages in the steam turbine almost 60% steam pressure drops take place after that steam comes into saturated condition and temp. 250 -280 deg. Celsius so that this steam is very effective for process point of view because it contains high latent heat so that above-discussed points we used extraction steam for the process used.

Now we discussed how to give permissive to woodward 505E Governor for starting extraction steam .let’s start Procedure for starting extraction steam through Woodward 505E Governor:

1. Start the TG set and load around xx MW (minimum load as per performance curve. where front steam taking for extraction is permitted).

2. Open all drain valves on Extraction steam line to the header, open steam stop valve on
extraction steam line.

3. In case there is pressure in the process line front PRDS or a front different source.
ensure that the controller for the same is kept in manual mode, before taking the Turbine
extraction controller in fine.

4. Press key marked “ACM” (Actuator) and LP valve will be displayed as 100.00% on the front of the panel.

5. Press LMTR (Limiter). the display will be ” @LP lint set point 100.00W.

6. Press key marked “ADJ till LP valve is displayed as 00.00%. The LP valve should not be kept in any other position excepting 00.00% when extraction is put online,

7. Press key marked EXT/ADM”. Reference extraction pressure will be displayed as xx Kg/cm2 (Programmed set point). Now through “ADJ key. increase reference to xx Kg/cm2 (desired extraction pr) and observe the actual pressure rising to the reference pressure.

8. Press “down key’ to know the actual status of the controller. Following are the messages:
1. Extraction is disabled.
2. Extraction is enabled.
3. Extraction active/ not in control.

.- Extraction in control. (The fourth message shall be displayed. when Governor is in the extraction control mode of operation).
-If the response is sluggish or hunting is observed, then press “DYN” and “GAIN’ or “RESET’ and adjust as required.
– Press “SPO” and display will show reference and actual speed.

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