What is the pump cavitation? Is there any hazards? And how to prevent cavitation? - ASKPOWERPLANT

What is the pump cavitation? Is there any hazards? And how to prevent cavitation?

What is the pump cavitation Is there any hazards And how to prevent cavitation

 What is the pump cavitation? Is there any hazards? And how to prevent cavitation?

In this article we discussed about root cause of pump cavitation what’s the resin behind its occurrence .Because the water pressure of impeller inlet is lower than the saturated pressure under the working temperature therefore causing part of the water vaporized. The vaporized steam foam flow into the high pressure area being pressurized and condensed thereafter water around will supplement to this area and bring about the water impaction, this is the pump cavitation.

 Pump cavitation hazard

(1) local water impaction inside the pump will gradual damage to the material surface causing small dot and dimple or scaling to the metal surface. on the other hand, due to water evaporization, oxygen will be separated from the water and oxide the metal parts.

(2) the unsteady cavitation process also cause vibration and noises at the water pump; at the same time, due to the steam foam stuck the impeller flow track during cavitation causing reduction at he flow rate and lift, what’s worse, it may halt the water flow. Therefore, it is required to pay attention to avoid pump cavitation.

How to prevent pump cavitation:

(1) adopt the double suction impeller

(2) enlarge the impeller inlet area and the width of blade inlet trim.

(3) set the front guide wheel or add the front located pump

(4) the primary impeller is of cavitation-proofing material

(5) try to increase the impeller inlet pressure

(6) avoid pump running if the transporting liquid temperature excess the designed value

(7) avoid long time running if the pump does not supply water or water flow rate excessive low.


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