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Turbine Engineer Question and Answer 2018

Hello ! power engineers today we discussed about the Turbine Engineer Question and Answer 2018  . these question answer is helpful for those who worked as a turbine operation engineer and who want to know more about the turbine operation . turbine is critical component of any power generation plant because its consist very critical component like thrust pad , blades , bearing etc. which takes extra  care during start up of the turbine  . these question answer help us the our readers know more about the turbine operation. lets discussed the question answer in detail way

Q.What are the causes for the pump vibrations?

(1) The water pump and the motor are not in alignment with each other.

(2) Loose anchor bolt of the pump proper or the motor or unfixed foundation

(3) The fasten force of the bearing cover make the bumping of the bearing tile inside the cylinder.

(4) Unbalanced mass at the rotor

(5) as for the volute pump, especially some certain high lift volute pump, if under small flow rate, vibration of different degree will may happen due to the radial force on the rotor. When the valve opening to certain extend, vibration will disappear immediately.

(6) Mutual friction at the moving and static parts (like balancing disc, seal ring)

(7) The affect on the pump proper due to the piping vibration


Q.What are required to be checked before motor start-up?

(1) No sundries and operating staffs on the motor and its surroundings

(2) The machine driven by the motor has been prepared well and is ready to start up.

(3) Normal oil level at each bearing

(4) Before the power supply from the motor, try to turn the rotor to secure no friction at the rotor and stator or no clamping and clogging at the relative driven mechanism.

(5) Check the relevant protection items of the motor being safe and sound.

(6) As for the preliminary running after motor maintenance, check the insulation condition and test the rotation direction being correct

(7) If possible, try to secure the motor start-up under no-load status

Q.As for the common type of pump devices, when shall the operator do the interlocking test? What are they?

(1) After the small maintenance or overhauling

(2) During normal running, it is stipulated to test the pump interlocking regularly complying with the specifications

(3) After the circuit loop being checked and repaired, gather with the thermal engineer and the electrical engineer to test the pump interlocking

As for the testing item: (1) electrical interlocking circuit test

(2) Low water (oil) pressure interlocking test

(3) Other thermal engineering signal interlocking


Q.What are the functions of the red and green indicator light on the operation switch gear of the rotation device?

(1) Indicating the running and shutdown of the electrical device

(2) Monitor power of the control circuit

(3) Use the red light to monitor tripping circuit and green light for gate closing circuit monitoring.


Q.What are the conditions of the pump fault button?

Any one of the following cases appears, press fault button to shutdown the pump:

(1) Human accident and threaten human safety

(2) Smoke and firing of motor with bearing damaged by smoking

(3) Clear metal friction sound inside the pump

(4) Severe vibration of the pump or motor.

Turbine Engineer Question and Answer 2018

Q.When do you have to report to the head shift or monitor and gain his permission before first start up the backup pump and then shutdown the fault pump?

(1) bearing vibration excesses the stipulated value without any reduction

(2) Heating at the disc foot is over 60℃ and no avail of cooling water regulation

(3) Bearing temperature increases, open larger the cooling water supply, resulted in temperature being excessive 80℃

(4) Temperature of motor excess the permissive value

(5) The current is over the permissive value, although the output being reduced but still cannot restore to the rated value.


Q.In view of the function, how many kinds of valves are there?

According to the function, valve consists of closing valve, regulating vlave and protective valve. Gate valve, check valve, butterfly valve, plug and diaphragm valve are comprised of the shut-off valve. As for the regulating valve, they are: throttle valve, pressure adjustment valve, water level regulator and water drain machine. Safety valve and shut-off valve and overflow valve are the protective valve.

Q.How do the operators deal with the untight valve?

If any valve being untight, firstly checks the “off” position to the adequate extend or not. If the valve is not set to “off” position fully, properly adjust the valve rod and open the valve to a large extend, then close it. In this way, try several times, and strengthen force on valve closing. It is required to stop the system and check on the valve after disconnection if the previous solution being non-effective.

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