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Today we discussed about the turbine governring system and its working , features and its operation and also its programming.Woodward 505 governor is a microprocessor based electronic controller having lot of inbuilt facilities. In woodward 505e governor is very sensitive governor in which lots of inbuilt function like Turbine speed can be set manually. Also programming can be made for automatic startup keeping in view the start up curve , critical band avoidance of the turbine as per the turbine design. Woodward 505 governor  has three PID controlled likes speed controller, auxiliary controller and cascade controller. Also limiter function can be programmed. In auxiliary control mode it can control generator power , exhaust pressure, inlet pressure, plant import/ export level etc. Generator breaker and tie breaker contacts are configured to change the governor from speed control mode to auxiliary mode or vise versa. Woodward 505 governor has over speed set point and mechanical over speed test facilities. 4-20 ma electronic signals are obtained from the governor.

Woodward 505 governor  is microprocessor base governor, used widely in turbine governing system. This governor can be connected to plant DCS easily.

Wood ward 505 is having following type of features;-

Features of woodward 505e governor given below:-

. Critical speed avoidance
.Auto start sequence
.Valve limiter
.Password protection in programming mode
.First out trip indication
.Zero speed detector
.Peak speed recording
.Remote and front panel set point
.Front panel display

Depending upon the set value and actual value of the parameters to be controlled an electronic signal 4-20 ma is generated by governor. This signal is used further to adjust the control valve position of the actuator .

Various inputs as mentioned below are required in electronic Woodward 505 governor :-

. Actual speed measurement
.actual power generated by the governor
.generator breaker contact
.Utility or tie breaker contact

Breaker contact provides information to the governor about solo or parallel mode of operation of the generator. According governor acts as speed controller or auxiliary controller. The speed and auxiliary controller set point can also be changed from remote desk.

Electronic Woodward 505 governor  also displayed various parameters like:-

. Speed set point
Actual speed
.kw setting
.Actual kw
.Output signal
.ldeal rated status
. Auto start timer time reaming
.Valve limiter
.Actuator demand
.Controlling parameters
.Peak speed
. Last trip

In some electronic Woodward 505 governor system instead of separate governor. The governing system programming is loaded on main plant DCS with suitable interface modules. Governor program runs in conjunction with the plant control program. In this case also all the facilities like auto start mode, critical speed avoidance etc. Are available. Programming can be done to follow the turbine start-up the curve and other requirements.



Woodward 505 governor controlling / operation:-



the large diamond shape button in the middle of the keypad with arrows at each of it’s four corners. The >< [ scroll left right] move the display left or right through the function blocks of the program or Run mode. The ( scroll up and down ) move the display up and down within a function block of the Program or Run mode .


the select key is used to select control of the 505E displays top or bottom ilne variable. The @sigh is used to indicate which line ( variable) can be adjusted by the adjust key. Only when there is a changeable variable on both lines ( dynamics, valve calibration modes ) does the ” select key ” and @ sign determine which line variable can be adjusted. When there is only one adjustable parameters display on the screen the ” select key ” and @ signs position are irrelevant.

– ADJ ( adjust) :-

In the run mode the (adjust up ) moves any adjustable parameters up ( large ) and the ( adjust down ) moves any adjustable parameters down ( smaller)

– PRGM ( program):-

When the control is shut down this key select the program mode. While in the run mode this key select a program monitor mode. In the program monitor mode the program can be viewed but not changed.


– RUN:-

initiates a turbine run or start command when the unit is ready to start.

– STOP :-

Initiates a controlled turbine shutdown (run mode ) once verification is given . The ” stop ” command can be displayed through a service mode setting ( under key options)


Resets/ clears run mode alarms and shutdown. Pressing the key also returns the control to the ( controlling parameters/ push run or program) status after a shutdown.

– 0/NO :-

enter 0/no or disable.

– 1/YES :-

Enter 0/NO or enable.

– 2/ ACTR:-

enters 2 or displays the actuator position ( run mode ).

– 3/CONT ( control ):

enters 3 or displays the parameters which is in control ( run mode ); press the scroll down arrow to display the controls last trip causes , steam map properties, highest speed reach, and local/ remote status ( if used )

– 4/CAS ( cascade ):-

Enter 4 or displays the cascade control information ( run mode ).

5/RMT ( Remote ):

enter 5 or display the remote speed setpoint control information ( run mode ).



– N6/LMTR ( valve limiter )

enter 6 or displays the valve limiter information ( run mode ).

– 7/ SPEED :

enter 7 or display the speed control information ( run mode )

8/AUX (auxiliary ):-

Enter 8 or display the auxiliary control information ( run mode ).

– 9/kw ( load ):

enter 9 or display the kw/ load or first stage pressure information ( run mode ).

– ./EXT/ ADM ( extraction/ admission):-

enter a decimal point or displays the extraction/ admission information ( run mode ).

–  CLEAR :-

clear program mode and run mode entries and take display out of it’s present mode .

–  ENTER:-

Enters new value in the program mode, and allows the direct enter of specific set point values in the run mode .

–  DYNAMICS (+/- ):

Accesses the dynamic settings of the parameters controlling the actuator position in the run mode . The dynamic adjustments can be disabled through a services mode setting ( under key options ). This key also changed the sign of a being entered.

–  ALARM ( F1 ):

displays the reasons for any alarm condition ( last / newest ) when the keys LED indicator is illuminated. Press the scroll down arrow (diamond key ) to display additional alarms.


permits the speed reference to be raised beyond the maximum controlling speed set point to test either the electrical or mechanical over speed trip.

–  F3 ( function key ) :

programmable function key for enabling or disabling programmable control function.

–  F4 ( function key ):-
programmable function key for enabling or disabling programmable control function.


large red octagonal button on the front of the enclosure. This is an emergency shutdown command for control


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Sir I have a question
Two turbine is here one have 30MW Siemens turbine it have jop
But other 25MW Siemens turbine have barring gear.
What is the reason to not have jop in 25MW turbine.

suraj ji jop (jacking oil pump ) which is used for the lifting rotor during startup time and barring gear is used for the initial rotation of turbine during cold start up and also used for the uniform heating of turbine and what are you asking that is depending upon the mass of rotor if rotor mass is high at that place we can use JOP pump.

Sir need guide guidence for actuator tuning, what to change rpm offline or online PI gain value during running condition.


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